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ABC's Approach to Fertilization

ABC’s essential program is designed for a homeowner that wants a little help with the health of their turf & grass but is prepared to also do some work in the yard themselves. The Essential program includes:

  • Application of granular or liquid fertilizer 6X per year.
    These applications are designed to help with the overall health of the turf and a steady flow of seasonally appropriate nutrients.
  • Application of Pre-emergent weed control 2X per year in Jan/Feb and Aug/Sep.
    Pre- and Post-emergent weed control is applied to Bermuda lawns only. St. Augustine and Zoysia lawns receive spot treatment for weed control as needed.
  • Application of Post-emergent weed spot treatment on every visit as needed.
    This is a treatment for weeds that the technician observes during their visit.

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